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Climbing high in the leaderboards

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It is common that players always like to understand their stats in the game they are playing. This is the reason they rely on platforms that give data through which it is possible to understand where actually they are standing among other players. Among many platforms that are available to check the stats and leaderboards, Fortnite is the best. While speaking about this fps tracker helps in getting all the stats required to understand your achievement and ranking in the game.

The leaderboard in the Fortnite can help to display the wins and kills in the game. It is possible to climb up in the leaderboard by following the strategies.

 Let’s look into some of such strategies through which you can climb high in the leaderboards.


It can be challenging for most of the players to sit for hours just to play the game. There are few things which you may face in the game and you easily lose motivation. This leads to reducing your ranking in the leaderboards. This is the reason, it is better to listen to music when you are playing the game and that can keep you going.

Consistent playfps tracker

At least players should sit for one hour to get three wins. In case if you lose a game, that can result in going down in the ranking. That is nothing but you have wasted at least few hours of game. That is why consistent playing and winning are the keys to increase the ranking.

The practice is the key

Practice can only make you perfect. So, keep on practicing in your favorite game and that can make you better. This also helps in consistent wins. It is not possible to expect wins when you have just started. But with practice, it is possible to experience consistent wins.

Best landing spot

The landing zone should be collected wisely. This is t first thing you should do when you start playing your favorite game. This is the main thing that can decide your fate in the game. The landing spot is the major part of the game which can decide yours loses or wins. It is always better to land in the houses which do not contain any place or name on the map. That means the landing spot should be less popular. These usually contain treasure which you can loot.

Final thoughts

The trackers available online helps in understanding your performance and leaderboards can bring in the motivation which you are looking for in the game. Fortnite tracker is one such tracker available which can be utilized for free.