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Percolator bongs: How to keep them clean

With so many variations, it might be difficult to locate the ideal bong, whether you’re searching for a basic piece of glass or something right out of a science lab. And if you’ve smoked a few bongs, you’ve likely heard of a cheap percolator bongs, sometimes known as a “perc,” but its function may remain a mystery.

Bongs, often known as “water pipes,” are a specific form of glass bong that have percolators, which are designed to spread cannabis smoke and make it simpler to inhale. Bongs with percolators have been used extensively throughout the history of cannabis culture.

What exactly is a percolator bong?

 In spite of the fact that percolators might give the appearance of being difficult, they really make it simpler to hit your bong. A percolator, more often referred to as a perc, may be found in the bong’s base or its tube. It is essentially a little glass device that water flows through to form a filter.

When you inhale from a bong with a percolator, the smoke is broken up into a large number of bubbles, creating the sound that is synonymous with bong rips. These bubbles expand the surface area over which smoke flows inside the piece, allowing more time for the smoke to cool down and purge itself of contaminants. The result of this technique is a smoother hit, which results in less coughing and more pulls from the bong.

When looking for a bong, you should consider adding a percolator to your list of must-have accessories. This is especially important if you are new to the world of bongs or if you often find that smoking from them is too rough on your throat. In addition, expanding your collection of smoking accessories to include a percolator bong may often result in significant cost savings.

If you want to get the most out of a tiny quantity of pot, using a bong is the way to go. If you add a percolator to the bong, you’ll be able to inhale more smoke at once, which will result in an even greater increase in your level of intoxication.

How to maintain the cleanliness of your bong

There is little doubt that adding percolators to your bong will result in higher-quality hits, but cleaning may become more challenging as a result of their addition. After some time, the percolators’ nooks and crannies will get clogged with resin, making them ineffective. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about this issue at all if you maintain a consistent cleaning routine for your bong using either a combination of salt and rubbing alcohol or a glass cleaning solution.

It is probable that a bong with one or more percs will need more frequent cleaning than a piece that does not have any percs; nonetheless, the very smooth hits that can be obtained from such a bong are well worth the additional effort spent cleaning it.