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Colavecchio Immigration Law Firm—Different Practice areas

Whether you are in your own country or staying away from it, facing legal charges can be a harrowing experience. To navigate such situations smoothly, one needs the assistance of a lawyer or a legal adviserwho can represent them and assist them regarding the different laws and the necessary documentation.

A law firm can have different practice areas depending on the ongoing needs and requirements of their clients. Following are the different practice areas of the US immigration lawyer in Edmonton, AB

Different Practice areas of the firm

  • Criminal Laws

The US immigration lawyer in Edmonton, AB,is there to assist any individual that has been acquitted of any criminal charges. Such services are especially helpful to individuals who are not citizens of the United States since a criminal conviction can directly result in their deportation.

  • Immigration Laws

Since immigration laws are complex and constantly changing, it is important to have an expert such as the US immigration lawyer in Edmonton, AB,to deal with such matters. It is extremely important to have the right immigration documentation.

  • Business Laws

To be successful in all your business ventures, including starting a new venture or buying one, it is important to have a sound knowledge of business laws. The law firm ensures that the interest of its client is protected at all times.

  • Real Estate

The law firm will cover you whether you are buying or selling a house, you are a tenant or a landlord, or whether you are a developer or an individual house owner. The firm covers everything from financing, leasing, land entitlement to the general issues related to real estate.

  • Elder and Probate Law

The law firm assures long-term care to your loved ones who might be living in a skilled nursing facility.

You can contact the legal firms in cases where your student, tourist, or employment visa expires, or you have been committed a kind of crime that’s too minor. If you have entered the US illegally or violated the admission terms and conditions, you will get the assistance of all kinds, and they shall help you come out of the legal hassles.