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Use Of Melanin Injections For The Perfect Tan

Melanin Injections For The Perfect Tan

A nice tan is something anyone wishes to have. The soothing brown texture of the skin usually formed as a result of sitting for hours under the sun is a look many people would love to wear. A tan can add to one’s personal looks making them look different from the crowd. In all senses of the word then, a tan is undoubtedly something desirable.

However, just like anything you may use for your skincare routine, getting a tan isn’t half as easy as it seems. And it can get more complicated depending on how you’re planning on getting one. There are various ways in order for you to get a tan, and you can choose depending on your preferences

Various methods of getting tanned

  • A sun tan

Let’s begin the list by focusing on the most natural of them all and the least risky. A natural sun tan is usually the best pay to get the right shade of brown you want. It was the initial trend setter and what got people into the tanning business at all. It’s almost harmless and if done correctly can give you the results you want without any problems.

However, it’s not without its own list of complications. A sun tan needs you to lie down correctly under the sun long enough for the color of your choice. Add to the list the need to remain mostly still and lie in a particular position for hours together, the sun tan suddenly looses its charm

sun tan

  • A tanning salon

Moving on to the next common method for you to get the right tan, a tanning salon can use sprayers and a tanning bed to get you the color of your choice. These methods require less time invested and often provide you with the required results provided you’re careful enough. Sprayers and beds have a reputation of giving you a shade darker than you may like and end up sending you black instead of tanned.

  • melanin injections

The use of melanin injections is the latest to join the books of tricks for a good tan. Using the compound Melanin2, it’s injected into your body using the syringes provided to give you the tan you need. When in your system, the compound increases the UV absorbing capability of the body. The risks involved are about as much as with any other option on the list.

These are ways to get the perfect tan