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Ryan Kavanaugh is one of the most accomplished, prolific, and honored executives in the history of the entertainment industry. His Relativity Media films catapulted his fame, but before that, he was active in finance and investment. He continued these activities alongside his entertainment industry companies.

Unique deals

One of his well-known contributions is his intelligent financial model of film finance. He also originated several first-of-their-kind deals, including the creation of Marvel Studios. His pioneering of an innovative finance deal for post-bankruptcy Marvel created the studio and finance structure. The result is none other than the famous Marvel Cinematic Universe. He then created the SVOD (streaming) category with Netflix. This agreement boosted its market capitalization from two to ten billion dollars.

Trying out sports

Even the sports industry was not left alone by Ryan Kavanaugh. He launched a sports agency from the ground up. Independent Sports & Entertainment, under Kavanaugh’s leadership, became the second-largest sports agency in the United States. It has over two and a half-billion dollars worth of player contracts.

Into the television

The powerhouse television company, Critical Content, is one of his many beautiful creations. The comedy-drama television series, Limitless, on CBS is one of its hit shows. There were forty television series on air across nineteen networks under the company’s name. It is also responsible for the production of the reality-based documentary television series, Catfish: The Show, on MTV.


More investments

The film mogul also has investments in many successful techs and biotech companies. It includes his funding of PreCash, renamed Noventus. He also seed-invested in ZetaRX, later renamed Juno, the largest biotech IPO of 2014. Kavanaugh also led the acquisition of the social media and music app, Triller.

Breaking Chinese barrier

The Chinese government issues a distribution license for distributing films. But, only local companies receive this license. The launching of Skyland Entertainment marked the first and only time a U.S. company got this license. He pioneered the China co-finance model with the Forbidden Kingdom in 2005. That was the start of his successful Chinese production and distribution company.


Ryan Kavanaugh earned several achievements and awards. He received Variety’s Producer of the Year Award and The Hollywood Reporter’s Leadership Award. He is also a recipient of Fortune’s 40 Under 40 Most Influential People in Business. The Vanity Fair also included him in the 100 Most Influential People in the World. Forbes’ Future 400, Billion-Dollar Producer by the Daily Variety, is another of his well-known awards.


His passion for animals led him to be active in the pet food brand, Dog for Dog. It donates dog food to local and national shelters for each product purchased. The goal is to save dogs from euthanasia.