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Things to Check Out When Joining a Verification Game Site

If you’re thinking about joining a site, there may be some things you want to know before you do. Read this post and find out what to look for when joining a verification site. The answer might surprise you. You can try these out

The first thing, if it’s an online-only sportsbook, is how established the book is. If it has been around for years and years, then that might stand as a good sign (however, be careful not to judge too quickly because sometimes those are the sites that get shut down and disappear overnight). However, if the book has only been around a couple of months, there’s probably something wrong.

If you’re thinking about an online poker room, you might want to pay attention to the software for their games and whether or not it can be used online. Some sites that have been around for years don’t allow players to download their software because they believe that has made them too vulnerable to hackers. So some sites will use their software (usually customized off of PokerStars) while others will use something, a third-party poker client like PokerScape (which is entirely free). Before joining any play, you should ensure your software works on the site.


Another thing to look for is affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are sites that pay commissions to people for bringing players. Sometimes players don’t realize that the sportsbook or poker room might pay a portion of their rake and action to the affiliates that bring them money. Sites like Bodog and are great examples of this. If you know of a site where they do this, get in touch with that affiliate and ask them if they can do anything special for you if you become a sportsbook or poker room member.

If you’re worried about a sportsbook or poker room having withdrawal issues or server issues, then make sure that the site has a money-back guarantee. These sites are at least willing to take their customer’s money back if something happens and they can’t pay it out.

If the site has a reputation for being good, check to see what people are saying. If the site runs terribly, those same people will say so on forums and in reviews of their sportsbooks and poker rooms.

In conclusion, if you are considering joining a verification  site, don’t jump in with both feet. Ensure that the site is legitimate and that it isn’t disappear overnight. Make sure to do your research and make sure that you have joined a site that has some payout history so if anything does happen, you can at least get your money back – even if it is just for the sake of making a withdrawal.