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Using LED lighting in your facility can save you much energy.

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For maintenance cost savings, facility managers wait until a few lights in their high bays go out, but in the meantime, your production floor could become dark. Switch to LED high bay lighting instead of risking your employees’ safety light manufacturers and effectiveness to save on maintenance, and you’ll drastically reduce how often your lights have to be changed. Over three years, a typical building with industrial led light fixtures could save up to $5,341 by switching from conventional 400-watt HID high bay lighting to LED.

In addition to improving assembly accuracy, industrial LED lighting can also speed up assembly processes. Due to LED lighting’s sophisticated lensing system, the light is directed exactly where it needs to be without pointing at the ceiling or spreading too thinly across the surfaces of your room light manufacturers. With LED lighting, users’ eyes will be more alert, shadowing will be reduced, and color recognition will be improved during assembly, leading to improved efficiencies and productivity.

You can also increase your facility’s safety by upgrading your lighting. If your employees don’t see hazards clearly, accidents can occur. When factory lighting illuminates oncoming pedestrians and material handling equipment, collisions can be prevented in the workplace. Lighting for specific workstations should also be considered in addition to general facility lighting. Workstation lighting can make hazards more visible, reducing machine/employee-related accidents.

lighting manufacturers

Compared to HID lighting, LED lighting creates very few shadows and keeps its brightness for much longer. Although older lighting may still work, it may output much less light than intended, resulting in more workplace accidents and safety issues.

The energy efficiency and long-lasting of industrial LED lighting are significantly greater than that of conventional fluorescent lighting, high-pressure sodium lighting, or metal halide lighting. To reduce energy costs and maintenance costs, most manufacturing facilities are evaluating LED lighting upgrades. These savings can be used to justify upgrading their lighting systems.

A retrofit should be your number one priority if you want to realize the energy savings that could be realized by switching to LED lighting in your facility. High bay LED fixtures typically have wattages ranging from 95 to 495 watts. The same wattage range can be found for HID high bay fixtures, which range between 175 and 1000 watts. It is no good to have an accident because of your lighting system. While most facility managers know that their lighting needs to be upgraded or improved, it can be not easy to know where to start.