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After the advent of information technology, the notion is to go for paperless office. Email marketing is a right step towards that end in the field of sales promotion activities. You do not need to send papers by post or by courier service neither you need to make big hoardings.

For facilitating fast delivery to a broad base of customers, the emails intended for email marketing are sent through bulk email software, with the help of service providing companies. These companies maintain a vast business database.

The bulk emails, though similar to the spam emails, is not spam due to its feature of opt-in or double opt-in customer list which signifies that the emails are intended for only to those customers who are willing to receive the emails. This is ensured by taking clear-cut permission from the recipients.

There are many advantages of employing bulk email service providing companies that can be listed below:

  • Organized and efficient communication with customers.
  • Upholding the image of your company by creating a modern get up of the emails befitting your company.
  • Your emails can draw the attention of the recipients by way of rich contents using graphics, audio-video techniques and by the use of templates in the text.
  • The target customer list can be segmented and sorted into the smaller list because the providers make it possible to use custom fields. This way you get an opportunity to concentrate on small segmented target enabling you to tailor your sales promotion efficiently.
  • It is very cost effective compared to the other modes of sales promotions.
  • It is very fast.
  • The providers see to it that the delivery of emails is fail-proof.
  • Environment-friendly as there is no papers involved in the e-marketing process.
  • Continuous update of customer email addresses is maintained by removing the email addresses of unwilling customers, thereby regularly updating their business database.
  • Online monitoring is done on a regular basis to check for any mail getting bounced due to a wrong address or the rate of opening of emails by the customers.
  • The reputation of your company is raised due to strict compliance with the ethical norms of privacy of your customers.

The bulk email service providing companies offer a number of schemes depending upon the number of emails you are required to send. They also have a huge business database.

The service providers also offer you to download templates in HTML which are simple to use to enhance the email marketing campaign. Many offer it for free as a means of their promotion. You have to download the templates from their website into a big sized ZIP file. Next, you can customize the template as per your requirements with graphics, images and more. Take care to replace the images that have come through the template with your images and then post your images in the net.

The providers also help you in deciding the days of the week when the emails should be sent for best results and how frequent the emails should be sent. All this is done with the help of the business database.