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Cross Over The Firewall With Ease Through VPN 翻牆

A Virtual Private Network or most commonly known as VPN basically, allows one to have a safe connection with another network on the Internet. VPNs are often used for accessing websites which have been restricted in a particular region. This is possible because, with the help of a VPN, a person’s internet activity becomes private and cannot be monitored by anyone. VPNs are becoming hugely popular these days,specifically because of numerous restriction being imposed by different regions on different websites. Users ina bid to defy the restrictions and access the blocked websites anyhow use a VPN. In simple terms with the help of a Virtual Private Network, a person can connect their smartphone, PC, tablet with a computer which is known as a server. The person can then access any sites through that computer thus bypassing any region-specific censorship, given that the server is in another country or region. This allows the users to practice VPN ?? that is, VPN allowing them to bypass borders virtually.

VPN ??

China has recently brought out its firewall policy, thus enforcing censorship on several foreign websites, thus banning their access. The purpose is to reduce cross border web traffic. Sites like Facebook, Instagram all have been restricted in China. In such a scenario, several Chinese people are looking for a good VPN to help them access these blocked sites easily without any hassle. The VPN in China helps users to go over the wall and bypass the restrictions made by the authorities. The VPN thus acts as a VPN ??

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

So a Virtual Private Network has a lot of benefits, some of which are,

  • Helps bypass region-specific restrictions made on websites
  • Users can access any streaming media any site like Facebook, Instagram or Netflix
  • A VPN allows users to protect themselves from unreliable Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Users can acquire anonymity through this VPN by hiding their location.
  • VPNs also protects users from being recorded when they are torrenting.

Which are the best VPNs one should choose?

There are very few VPNs available which operate successfully in China. Most of which do, lack in speed and safety. There are two good VPNs one can opt for, for crossing the firewall in China. These two VPNs are,

  • Nord VPN which ensures speed, safety, and quality.
  • Express VPN is also very good.

Thus for people residing in China, these are two good options for a VPN ??.