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Usage of mobile POS system for hospital retail operations

android pos system

Most consumers have heard about the mobile Point of sale (POS) system while at a shopping store, and restaurant. In some restaurants, the server’s use of mobile for order taking instead of writing on a note pad. The mobile saved order are directly send to the kitchen easily and severs can quickly take orders from other tables. It is also used in sales store for fast check out process. Healthcare retail provides several opportunities wherever a android pos system will offer additional convenience to staff and guests, increase the productivity already in an exceedingly old POS system, and greatly improve operational potency with cost-saving results.

The restaurant and cafteria Cart

For example the hospital restaurant with old POS terminals set within the check-out lanes, and outdoor seating that opens once the weather permits. Instead of routing customers through the check-out lanes to pay money for food and beverages before seating outside, android pos system permits the order taking and payment actions at a table and giving the customer more time to relish their meal and dining expertise, or probably forestall the loss of a client.

Patient Guest Services

A lot of hospitals currently supply patient guests with the convenience of ordering food along with beverages from the restaurant menu ordered from an iPad or mobile device and paying either by money or credit cards on the same device.

The gift store and Fundraisers

Usually, go by the hospital store, fundraisers are an important revenue generator for the hospital retail space. Typically command within the hospital lobby, the fundraising event might sell something from uniforms to jewelry and are sometimes double-geared to the hospital staff.