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Features of acrylic display cases

Businesses need to arrange products for a display to attract customers. There is a need to display and also protect the products, especially in the case of valuable products. Acrylic display cases score well over the regular glass cases. plastic products Singapore also makes the best acrylic display cases. The features of acrylic display tell why you should be choosing acrylic cases for display.

  • Acrylic has greater optical clarity and is best suited for display. Acrylic has low light reflection properties and so it can be used in shops with bright lights also. It gives a clear view of the objects displayed. It has no tint and is very clear to see. When needed tint can also be added to it to make it look like glass.
  • When used in shops, the acrylic display is a good choice as it is safe to use them. The chances of accidental breakage are avoided, unlike glass displays. A shop where valuables are stored necessarily needs this type of display case for protection. Also, it does not have sharp edges. When acrylic display cases are installed, both the staff and the customers can be without fear of damaging the panels.
  • Acrylic panels have great strength. They can withstand impact several times more than glass. So to be used in a place with excessive wear and tear, this is very useful. Due to its strength, it can easily be taken from one place to another without fear of breakage. It is also resistant to variation in temperature.
  • Acrylic panels are lighter in weight compared to their glass counterpart. This way, the cost of the display units is also lesser. Shipping and handling charges are also reduced because of the lesser weight of the product. They can be easily mounted on walls for display because of lightweight.