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A Prepaid Card With Dual Usage and Multiple Benefits


Are you looking for a gift card that duals up as a debit card? Do you like to gift someone something exceptional they’ll remember forever? A Vanilla Visa prepaid card is your revolutionary ticket to experience the joy of gifting and discover the freedom of shopping. This new-age prepaid card is known for its amazing flexibility and delightful benefits with distinct features. The fact that the treasured gift card doubles up as a debit card makes all the difference. Experience the power of creative gifting and the ease of daily shopping with the state-of-the-art dual-benefit prepaid card.Paying for your recurring billsand monthly subscriptions are not allowed with your Vanilla prepaid card.

Vanilla gift card as a debit card

A Vanilla gift card operates the same way as a debit card. You can create a gift card pin the first time you use the card. Select debit on the keypad at the cashier outlet to make a payment. You can use the 4-digit pin for all future transactions. The balance will reduce by every transaction including the full amount, applicable taxes and other fees if any. In case you want to make a purchase greater than the balance in the card via two payment methods, notify the merchant beforehand. The gift card should be activated immediately after purchasing it. You cannot use the gift card at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Vanilla gift cards are accepted everywhere Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards are accepted in the United States. Note that the gift card cannot be used across merchants outside the United States. Transactions over the internet, mail order, and telephone order are also not allowed.


Shopping online with Vanilla gift cards is a simplified task. Simply assign a zip code to your gift card and sign in to your account. Shop online conveniently across the United States and District of Columbia from the comfort of your home or on the go. It’s very easy to assign a zip code from the Assign Zip Code page. Register a new zip code or update an existing one and start using your card instantly.

Choose Vanilla Visa prepaid card to experience a revolutionary new world of online shopping and in-store purchases. Discover the brand new way of gifting with a difference and delighting people who matter. The non-expire feature and multipurpose use of the gift card make it the leading choice for gifting and treasuring for a lifetime.