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Are You Wondering How Do I Treat My Dog’s Ear Infection Naturally?

People who have introduced a dog in their life, have claimed that it has been one of the best decision they have taken. A dog truly brings a wave of positive change in a person’s life. Many people get so attached with their pet dogs that they forget that they are pets at all. It doesn’t take long before a puppy becomes a vital part of the family that brings him / her home. However just like humans, dogs too suffer from many health problems. The most common of them being an ear infection. Pet parents whose doggos suffer from any form of ear infection often find themself wondering How Do I Treat My Dog’s Ear Infection Naturally?

 Why pet parents wish to have their dog’s infections treated naturally?

If you were asked to shoot up a plethora of chemicals for a problem, that you understand nothing about then you too would probably paranoid. Not only this but many of the artificial drugs used to cure people have many dangerous side effects. This is a major reason why many people feel certain doubts before using artificial medicines and drugs and prefer natural treatment. Therefore it is only natural that they do not prefer artificial drugs for their pets too. Many pet parents either try natural remedies at home to cure minor problems here and there and if the problem is more severe they take herbal medication with natural components.

What are some natural remedies you can use?

For severe cases of ear infection where your dog experiences headaches, loss of balance, loss of visionvision, dry eyes, constant drooling etc make sure you visit a professional vet to get your pet treated. However, in less severe cases of an ear infection where your dog experiences hot ears, constant rubbing of ears, itchiness in the ears then you can try many home remedies such as using a green tea solution injected into the dog’s ears. One can also use a solution of vinegar and water or the oil of oregano which is a natural antibiotic.

As a pet parent, one obviously faces concern and distress if their fur baby is in distress or trouble. The first instinct of any person whose dog might be suffering is to go on the internet, put in the symptoms of the dog into a search bar and then believe whatever results pop up. However one must not blindly believe all they see on the internet and consult a doctor for the correct course of action.