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The Top 5 fertility treatments taken by couples who need help in conceiving

You and your partner are experiencing infertility; here are the top five treatments, including IVF fertility treatment, to help you become pregnant.

  1. Artificial insemination
  2. In vitro fertilization
  3. Natural Cycle IVF
  4. Donor Egg
  5. Egg freezing
  1. Artificial insemination

The artificial insemination process involves placing the sperm of your partner inside your reproductive tract during the ovulation process. The sperm will reach the egg and start the fertilization process, which will help you become pregnant.

  1. In Vitro Fertilization

Your egg is removed from the uterus and placed in the laboratory where it is fertilized by the sperm of your partner. Then, after 2-5 days, the fertilized egg, also called an embryo, is placed in your uterus with the hope of resulting in a pregnancy by a doctor during IVF fertility treatment.

IVF embryo transfer

  1. Natural Cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is similar in that the doctor monitors your natural cycle and retrieves a single egg from your uterus when you are ready to ovulate. Your egg will then be fertilized in a laboratory and transferred into your uterus.

  1. Donor Egg

This process involves fertilizing a donor egg with sperm and implanting it into your uterus like the IVF treatment method. Here, the donor could be known or unknown. Mostly unknown donors are preferred to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future.

  1. Egg freezing

Egg freezing is the process of collecting eggs from valentines with the same procedure as IVF, where the eggs are freed and stored for future use. When you are ready to have a baby, the eggs are fertilized and implanted in the uterus.