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How the professional audiologists solve the hearing problems?

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The active audiology is the best clinic for hearing loss and it is being owned by Cris Ivanidis. The solutions for the hearing problems will be easily solved with the independent service. This active audiology is the best hearing clinic and there are no commercial links with the manufacturers. As this is an independent clinic, the audiologist Melbourne can give a wide range of solutions which gives hope to the clients. This clinic consists of the audiologists who are very well experienced with the latest technology and can clearly explain the solutions to the clients.

At this clinic the audiologists are well experienced, they knew that their role does not stop by fitting the hearing device’s to the person and also to teach how to work with it. The audiology Melbourne provides more range of custom made ear plugs based on the persons needs. The steps of making your plugs are being listed below:

  • Taking the impression of the ear – The silicon based material will be syringed into the ear canal by the audiologist which will show the shape and size of the person individually. This process is done around 5 to 10 minutes and the person will feel coolness in the year during this process.
  • Getting the customised ear plugs –The impressions of the person’s ear will be sent to the manufacturer, and the ear plugs will be made exactly in the shape of your ears. So that wearing it will be so easy for the person who wears it.
  • Warranty for the ear plugs – they provide a 30 days warranty for these plugs which starts from the day when you receive it. If there is any problem in fitting it, the experts will sort the problems.
  • Lifespan of the ear plugs – this mostly last around 5 years if it being continuously used.

What causes hearing loss?

There are lots of factors that cause hearing loss to the person and some of the most pre-dominant causes include:

  • Excess of wax is built up in the ear canal.
  • Ear infections caused by any external factors.
  • Eardrum perforation.
  • Ageing of the person.
  • Keeping on hearing to loud noises.
  • Side effects caused by any medications.

hearing aids melbourne

The hearing loss is being classified into three types and that are listed as,

  • Conductive
  • Sensor neural
  • Mixed

Conductive – This type involves if some external factors has been blocked the sound from entering into the ears. This block could be happened either in the outer ear portion or in the middle ear portion.

Sensor neural – This type is caused when the inner part of the ear is permanently damaged. This will mostly caused because of the ageing problem and sometimes by hearing to the loud noise. During this type, the person will hear the sound softer or it can be unclear which gives the feeling of mumbling.

Mixed – This is the combination of both the conductive type and the sensor neural type of hearing losses.