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What does the Shincheonji mainly focuses on?

The Shincheonji is a famous church where they worship Lord Jesus. The founder was Lee who has been prophesied in the new testaments that is send by the Jesus Christ in the time of his second coming. A book names Revelation is written based on the secret metaphors. Before finding this the Lee was actually a member who belongs to the controversial groups that is known as the Olive tree.

How can you get trained as a trainee?

They believe in ultimate ways to salvations and they also have a belief that outside of their denomination or the secrets no one else could be saved. They have an inner thought that the salvation does not comes to them easily and they focuses more on the number of 144000 mentioned in the Revelation book that to specially they focus on the Revelation 7: 4. They have a belief that too reach that place mentioned they must first be educated well in the gospel room before they are moving towards the mission center. That too they would work harder to go through the lesson that is taken and try harder to clear their test and to become a believer.

What does the Shincheonji mainly focuses on?

Shincheonji mainly teaches based on the true faith and about the member who is receiving the salvation that to at the time of final judgments. Shincheonji started teaching out the basics of the Bible in 12 or 13 sessions. Here the new trainers are paired along with the other novice. The class would be handled for three hours a day. After the completion of training the trainees have to undergo the test on alternative days for checking out the nearly capacity. The test would be taken place on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The person who has completed the training for six to eight months are eligible to attend the test and when you get a better score you would be provided with an ID card that are registered as the “Believer”.

How the transformation of messages takes place?

Even the Shincheonji organizes a small cell in the networks and the information would be constantly being exchanged out through the normal text messages. There is a supervisor whom you have to submit their report about your routine about from where do you receive your instructions. The believers are kept under the absorptions for the work of church that too without considered about any time limit, whenever they are free and find holidays.