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Buy The Xbox Controller Online

Controller is the most important part of any gaming stations. If the controller is too rigid, you won’t be able to make the moves fast and swift which will make it tough in games especially in battlefield games or shooting games where the fast reaction and counter action is much more important to survive and move to the next level. Controllers should fit in to players hand comfortably and buttons should be responsive in nature so that the players will be able to win the games easily.

Where to buy the controller

The modded controllers for XB1 can be bought from the megamods website. They are available in several color combination and skins. Players can purchase the color they want. It won’t cost them not much. Most of the controllers are available in the range $100-$200 which is very less compared to that is available in other websites and this one is of superior quality with easily customizable options. Customizing the buttons can be done using the app that is available. Player can do the changes during and after the game. It won’t affect their game play.

megamods website

One of the major features is different profiles that can be created for different games. With profiles, you don’t need to go and change the controls and setting for every game. One can configure and store under different profile and can use in different games easily by switching the profile alone. This is major help for those who play using single xbox. Friends staying together and using the same console used to change the setting every time other friends plays, but with this, just create different profile and use that.

The product has normal warranty of 3 month and if you want you can buy additional warranty for a year by paying extra. They do ship the product worldwide and delivery duration will be based on FedEx. Normally it will be delivered within 10 days but if you have asked for graphical or color change, it will take more time for them to ship the product. Only one thing of caution is that this controller doesn’t support the tournament play but otherwise you can use this at anywhere you want. For any other questions you can check out the FAQ section where all the questions and doubts are explained.