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Top features of Cardano-based decentralized exchange

Top features of Cardano-based decentralized exchange

A decentralized exchange is an alternative to a centralized exchange. DEX is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of crypto directly. The decentralized platforms are non-custodial that allow users to have control over their private keys. Whereas in the centralized exchange they have to tell about their private keys for the transactions.

There are many decentralized crypto exchanges operating in different blockchains. Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency but now it has been slowly replaced by the Cardano blockchain. Because the Cardano ecosystem provides the best solution to transaction speed and fees. Many have believed that Cardano is the best solution to redefine the future of decentralized finance. ADAX is a platform designed to provide Cardano-tailored solutions and serves as a trading platform to make token swaps possible.

ADAX platform is fully decentralized so that users can have full control over their tokens. The platform comes with the best features and some of them are given below.

User experience:       

One of the main features that everyone looks at while choosing a DEX platform is the user experience. The platform should be easy to understand and use. If the platform is complex to navigate, then it does not give the best experience to the users. Whereas the Adax platform ensures the best user experience to their users. The platform is easy to use without any hassles.

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Token swaps:            

Another exciting feature of this platform is it enables users to make token swaps easily. Because it allows users to execute smart contracts that allow them to trade instantly. Also, the trading process is cheap compared to the Ethereum network. There is no order book on this platform and it functions without any intermediaries. It removes all the complex processes so that the traders could easily use the platform without any help.

Liquidity pool:          

The liquidity pool in different DEX platforms has a constant change in ratios. So, the liquidity providers are given higher rewards for the low-volume assets. But there will be an impermanent loss in this case. To solve this issue, ADAX works on a different model. Without any hassles, the users can pool their assets in this platform that allows traders to swap between currencies.

Hence, the above are some best features of ADAX decentralized crypto exchanges. Before you use any of the decentralized exchanges it is significant to check the features so that you will get a clear idea.