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The Outstanding Features of XRP for Cross-Border Transactions 

XRP may be a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but there is more to this crypto than what you can ever find in bitcoin. Aside from being a cryptocurrency and useful for transactions, it is also a platform and this makes it special in every sense of the word. Ripple and XRP are unusually used interchangeably, but it has been revealed that the former is the ledger network on which XRP runs.  It can, therefore, be said that XRP depends on the former to function. Be that as it may, one can still user the two interchangeably without breaking any rule and that is what we will do in this write-up.

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will further enlighten you on how the two of them relate and differ.

XRP is referred to as the medium connecting all the various networks for payment procedures and functions in completing a financial transaction from one individual to another.  The two of them are, however interconnected since the ripple ledger Technology Company depends solely on the XRP coin for it to function properly.  The XRP coin is also unable to carry out any form of transaction if the ledger is not there to help. As of today, the XRP coin is about the only native coin that the company has announced. The part of the equation that people interact with is not the ledger by the coin, which is XRP.

The future of XRP

The number of those using XRP is growing by the day.  This gives an indication that the cryptocurrency can grow with time and its value can even reach $1000 or probably go higher than that.  This is because a rise in its demand will cause almost every economic enterprise to use it for cross-border payments. The cryptocurrency is among the most reliable for payment transactions and this will undoubtedly have an impact on its growth and acceptability.