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Saviour of the marine life

The band of electromagnetic radiation that has the frequency of wide range which is mainly between three hundred MHz to that of three GHz is known as ultra-high-frequency or uhf radio. The radiations of UHF are the least most affected by factors of the environment. This is one of the main reasons why these used more in number for TV and radio transmission as well as for channel broadcasting. This serves as a common type accessory where the vast number of 4WDers use it for a general convoy of driving and at the same time for scanning that is being done on highways.

Features of UHF radio:

this type of radio should be used carefully especially when the mic would be placed. There are many channels and be allocated mainly to repeater stations this is not meant for general transmissions.

This is mainly used for navigation of two-way as well as for cordless. This seems to be more effective at dedicating stealth fighters. They can pick up a high frequency of radio signals with limited or short waves.

This type of radio generally has nearly four to 5 watts of power of transmission. They are generally used by the first responders for instance like police officers as well as paramedics. They are popular because they can be easily built around using a single loop form of antenna which can be several inches as well as several feet in height.

If it is coupled with ionosphere bouncing signals it can even use to communicate to someone on the other side of the planet.


They are also better to be used even in the hilly and mountainous areas.