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How much do you know about website?

A website is a space on the net that houses a set of related web pages organized hierarchically.The latent tendency is to mistakenly confuse the concepts of page and website, thinking that both are the same. A web page is part of a web site, it is a single document, while a web site is a unit formed by the combination of several web pages linked and related to each other in order to display content of a greater breadth. Click here for how to price membership website.

A website is a means of communication within the Internet that offers information through its various web pages. Its operation is based on the action of the user to navigate between them.

What is a web page?

The basic element for Internet advertising is the web page. Starting from this, it is derived to more complex elements that I will detail throughout this article and the following.Visit this site for how to price membership website.

Website is:Document located on a computer network, accessed through hypertext links. Or we can cay: text containing elements from which other information can be accessed.

Hypertext makes it possible to create, add, connect and share information through associated links. A link or hyperlink is an element that refers to another. If the user makes use of it, the linked element is displayed.

Web page types

Web pages can be of two types:

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They contain short-term non-variable information, generally they are of fixed content. They show only content, not allowing interaction.

They are based on simple Html language and to modify their content you have to access the server where they are hosted and re-upload files, not being suitable for constant updates.


Their content is constantly changing and they are connected to databases that enable the development of web applications.

Its fundamental advantage is to allow the personalization of the page based on the type of user, also allowing real-time interaction with the user, who can perform searches, purchases or send messages, among others.

In addition to Html, they are based on complex languages ??such as Php, Asp or Jsp and to modify content it is enough to simply change the database, which is synchronized with the server.

As an example, a dynamic web page can be a search engine, an email manager, a forum, a blog, a social network or a virtual store, among others.

A web page can also be

Public: Accessible to any user with an Internet connection.

Private: Accessible only to a limited number of users, who must identify themselves and be recognized by the access system.