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Avenue South Residence: Buy The Finest Homes

 Avenue South Residence

The idea of living in a posh locality fascinates us all. But there is always some amenity or the other lacking. But as of now, various housing groups have amalgamated to provide a comprehensive solution to this problem faced by prospective house-buyers. This amalgamation has led to the formation of Avenue South Residence which is a developmental project that has tenure of ninety-nine years. This residence is located at short drives and distances to the major places of importance in the city.

 Avenue South Residence

  • Strategic Location: The site has a strategic location and connects directly to the major arterial routes. It is surrounded by legion of facilities in surrounding areas along with the best quality options of fun and entertainment. There are multitudes of shopping and food options that will provide for the most pleasurable ways of spending your leisure time. Along with this there are important offices and some of the best schools offering quality education that flock this area. Hospitals are also present nearby.
  • Location Of Prime Area: The location and address of the Avenue South Residence is absolutely prime and breathtaking with views of waterfront. The condos have been built with such a perfection that grants a reflection of finest quality masterpiece to it.
  • Size And Area: The plot that has been used for construction of Avenue South Residence is quite big and spans over a colossal chunk of land. The structure is divided into two towers which contain fifty-six floors. Along with that there are approximately more than a thousand units of apartments and condos. They are available in variations of ranging from one to five bedroom-hall-kitchen arrangement.
  • Design Of Units: At Avenue South residence, the makers have kept well in their mind the essentials of living, so the apartments are oriented in such a way that the ventilation and air-flow is maximized. These apartments and condos provide breathtaking views of the sea and city. The construction of every single unit is done keeping in mind the minute details and making sure that the best quality homes are presented to the prospective buyers. All the fittings and assortments that are used in the construction are pure epitome of luxury and fine living.
  • Quality Of Roads And Transport: The Avenue South Residence is well-connected to all the major places within the city by means of easy transport facilities that are available nearby. The roads are in good condition which provides for easy and feasible commute.

Avenue South Residence offers comprehensive benefits to the home buyers by offering a multitude of facilities and a pretty strategic location of its situation.